Saturday, October 1, 2011

Camping with Pop

     What better way to usher in October than a camp out?  No matter who else goes on these camping trips, they are always known as trips with Pop. All the kids were excited for last night because Pop had decided to go camping.  Parker even made a special effort not to have to sit on the grumpy bench for wrestling at school so he could go camping with all his cousins.  My parents own some land a few miles out of town that has a pond and all the kids love to go out there.  Last night we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, made smores , fished, star gazed, etc.  The real fun always starts at dark, when Nana always comes through with the glow sticks.  This was the first time Everett had been out there with us, and he did not like Pop not giving him all the attention.  He and I didn't stay all night, mainly because I figured he wouldn't sleep well out there.  We always have a great time, and tonight was no exception!

Everett ready to camp

Isaac caught the only fish of the night!

Leave it to Jackson to find a quiet place to read

Ahhhh, smores

If I was a better editor of pictures I would have combined all 3 of these into the perfect shot.  Sadly I'm not. 

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