Friday, October 7, 2011

Goin' to the Punkin' Patch

     Today was Parker's very first field trip ever.  He was so excited last night and this morning that it was all he could talk about.  He got to wear his field trip shirt and everything.  Needless to say this morning was wild.  When all 4 kids (plus mom) have to be ready by 8 a.m. and dad's already gone to work, it's crazy.  On a positive note, I actually showered, had on makeup, and made it there on time today.  That rarely happens, especially all in the same day, so things were looking up. 
     The only thing Parker remembered from going to the farm was that he could milk a cow.  It's not a real cow, only a plywood replica with "udders" that you can milk (filled with water), but he was so excited to get there and see they still had them.  Next we got to feed chickens and goats.  The kids loved throwing the feed at the chickens.  Parker was a little standoffish with the goats, but he did like the one with the beard.  They also got to jump in the hay bales.  This will no doubt kill Parker's allergies for the next day or so, but he loved it. 

     Next we went to the cotton field.  A lady told them all about how cotton grows and that it sits in a bowl and has a seed.  This is where our day came to a halt.  Parker started to cry and tell me his throat hurt.  His allergies have been really bad for the past week, and he's also had a cough.  I had been asking him all week if his throat hurt with his cough, but he always told me no.  He also looked a little pale, so I took him to the picnic area and he drank some apple juice.  His color got a little better after that but he didn't feel like playing with his friends or going on the hay ride.  We decided to get our lunch out a little early while his class did a few other things.  He felt much better after he ate.  I think maybe his allergy meds and his lack of eating a good breakfast (due to his excitement about his day) made him feel yucky.  After his class got back we made some class pictures and then Parker picked out a pumpkin for everybody in the family.  We also picked up some paints, stickers, and special carving tools.  Our plan is to decorate tomorrow, so we'll see what the end results are.  We ended up having a wonderful day and I'm so glad I get the chance to share these experiences with my children.

This kid NEVER looks at the camera!

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  1. hate he started feeling bad...but glad y'all had a good time.
    We have very similar pics! haha