Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pep Rally

     Yesterday the 1st graders at Webster got to go to the high school for a football pep rally.  I went to school around lunchtime to paint faces and they were pumped!  They have been practicing a dance for 2 weeks and they all did an awesome job.  Mia did NOT want to dance out on the floor, but she was happy to dance along from the bleachers.  I think she was embarrassed that Carley and all of her friends might see her out there.  All week we have been logging onto the local news website to vote for MSHS to get "pep rally of the week" and we ended up winning!  The news came and filmed it and we watched all the kids on TV last night.  They loved getting to see themselves and their friends.  They think they're all stars now!  During the pep rally the cheerleaders threw shirts, towels, and footballs.  I was actually sitting across the gym from Mia, and I saw her catch a football.  I think she was just as surprised about it as I was!  It was just as loud as I remember, and no I did not have the urge to get into my cheerleader uniform and participate!  If any of you went to Muscle Shoals you will remember Mr. Parker.  Yes, he still comes and buck dances at the pep rally.  The kids thought he was crazy.  Oh, if only they had had him as a teacher!  Another thing that has changed in the (many) years since I was in school there is that the football team is actually good.  They won the game last night, which means they also won the region.  Either way, these Trojans have lots of school spirit, as proven by my hearing loss this morning!

Mia, Lily, and Elizabeth walking into the gym

Our 1st graders ready to cheer!

Bella Claire and Mia

Breakin' it down

Coach's pep talk

Mia and Carley after the pep rally

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