Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

    We finally got around to pumpkins last Wednesday night.  Everett had zero interest, so we let him play while we did all the dirty work.  Parker had picked out every family member their very own pumpkin at the patch a while back, so everyone got to do what they wanted.  Jeremy and Jackson got right to work scooping out all the guts.  Mia was a little more dainty with hers, but she finally dug in and got it (mostly) taken care of.  Jackson had been making sketches for about a week and his end result was pretty good.  Jeremy had run some patterns off for the rest of us and Mia chose a cat face.  Jeremy drew it on for her & she helped carve it.  Jeremy did a ghost on his and Parker ended up just painting.  We did cut the top of his off, but he had no desire to clean it out or carve it.  To be all boy, he sure didn't want any part of those gross pumpkins!  I guess Everett and I will be pumpkin "purists" this year, because after helping clean out, paint, and clean up after 4 others I didn't have the energy to do anything to ours.  Jeremy lit them up after dark, and they really did look cool.  The kids were very proud of themselves!

 Jackson's on the left, Mia's on the right

This is Jeremy's.  I never could get a good picture of it at night.

Jackson's pumpkin's head has been cut off, that's why it's bleeding.

Parker's abstract pumpkin

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