Friday, November 11, 2011

The Death of a Star

     Last night we got our tree up and lights on.  We're saving ornaments for tonight.  Yes, I'm one of those who puts all my Christmas out before Thanksgiving.  In my defense, this is not the earliest I've ever done it AND it's way to much work (in my opinion) to put it all up and take it back down all in the same month AND I need time for a 2 year old and a puppy to get used to not tearing things off of it AND I've got to have somewhere to put all my wrapped presents, right?  So, the tree is up.  Which brings me to a sore subject.  The star . . .

     Long ago, when we were first married and barely had the money to buy our first Christmas tree, Jeremy picked out this star.  My only excuse is that I must have been so blinded by love that I agreed to whatever he picked.  After all, he was the head of our home, so how fitting that he pick the star that would sit on the top of our tree?  This star had it all: tinsel, silver shiny foil-like accents, tiny plastic stars, and lights.  Oh, the lights.  Not only did they glow, they blinked.  Yes, our tree had become a beacon for all things tacky and from the 70's.  In fact, a few years later I wondered why (in 2001) they were even still making stars like this.  As the kids came along, I persuaded them to join my side in this "star" war.  Every year I would cross my fingers that the ole star would shine no more.  Well, that year is now.  Jeremy excitedly pulled the star from the attic last night and plugged it in, only to be disappointed.  He even changed out the fuses in hopes that it would revive it.  No luck.  After all these years this star has become kind of a tradition in itself.  Me and all the kids standing around while Jeremy plugs it into the top of the tree, most of us cheering for it not to work, then booing when it began to blink.  I feel kind of sad about it all now.  It makes me think back to that first Christmas, when it was just the two of us in a ratty apartment, without a dime to our names, sitting on our hand-me-down couch and laughing about that star.  I don't think I can ever bring myself to throw it out.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but I may even put it in my curio with all my other Christmas things.
     So, today we will go shopping for a new star.  And inevitably we will let Jeremy choose the one he wants.  Our fingers are crossed that maybe the star making companies have updated their patterns in 2011!  Wish us luck!

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