Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

     Halloween, what can I say?  Candy, candy, candy, candy, CANDY!!!  Mia actually woke up sick to her stomach Monday morning after our church party Sunday night, so she stayed home from school.  I am attributing her illness to too many sweets, because an hour later she was fine (and hungry).  So we all ended up getting to Trick-or-Treat together.  Before we left, Mia made a sign for our treat bowl and we set everything on the front porch.  We headed to Nana and Pop's house around 5 to meet the cousins for supper and pictures.  Prentiss wasn't feeling well either, so she and Matt stayed home, but the other 7 were there and they had high expectations for the night ahead.  Nana gave out prizes, and we visited all the houses in our neighborhood.  After running all their little legs off, we went back to our house.  Jackson went to another neighborhood with Max and the rest of us went to Grandma's.  Parker had just enough time to change costumes while we were home!  Grandma always makes the kids Halloween cookies AND lets them raid her candy bowl, so they were pumped!  Everett didn't know what to think about all the candy everywhere.  He was in heaven!Needless to say they all were cranky this morning and did not want to go to school.  Little do they know mom is home eating all the Kit Kat's!

Mia's setup for the goblins that stopped by our house.

Jackson showing off his muscles

Bumblebee (Isaac), Butterfly fairy (Kenzie), Snake Eyes (Jackson), Ballerina (Mia), Ninja (Parker), Alabama Football Player (Everett), and Optimus Prime (Ezra).  Prentiss was an Octopus.  Wish I had gotten a picture of her from church the night before!

Girl pic per request

Mia and Alice (Maggie)

We love Ms Margo!  She gave Parker his favorite treat of the night, a banana!

Round 2, ready for Grandma's house. 
(The ninja from an hour ago transformed into Captain America.)

Hanging out at Grandma's

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  1. fun night!
    Exhausting, though, at least it was for me!
    Are you going to the Fall Festival today? I bet you are! See you there!