Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Star is Born

     Yes, that's the new star.  Notice any similarities to the old, dead star?  That's right, another plastic, tacky star.  At the very least it doesn't blink.  I guess it will go along with our tree, which has 3 different kinds of lights on it this year.  Jeremy usually puts all the lights on the tree, but this year I did it while he was at work.  By putting on the lights I mean he strings 2 skinny strands of lights from the bottom to the top and leaves all the wires out for everyone to see.  I think I put 6 boxes of lights on the bottom 3rd of the tree this year.  I knew I was doing a good job when Jackson looked at it and said, "This looks really good.  You can't even see all the wires for the lights."  Point proven.  However, being the semi-frugal family we are, I can't buy new lights until after the season is over.  If there's one thing that takes a drastic dip in price after Christmas it's Christmas decor, including boxes of lights.  So, we will just have to manage until then.  Our tree isn't "themed" like a lot of them are, so it doesn't look as bad as it could.  We have everything you can imagine stuck on it.  That's how ours was growing up, and that's the way I still like it, with all the memories all over it.  While we were decorating it, I took some pics of my favorite ornaments.

All the baby's first Christmas ornaments (l to r) Jackson, Parker, Everett, Mia

A few of the places we've visited

And last but not least, my very favorites.  All the ones the kids made with their own hands.  Love it!

So there you have it, the Griswold Robison family Christmas tree.  Hey, someone cut the top of the tree off in this picture and you can't even see the new star!  Who would do such a thing?!☺  Happy Holidays!


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  1. Leah! I love this story and you can expect a copykat blog like this from me very soon! Hope its a compliment, it's a great idea!