Monday, November 21, 2011

A Tree House Feast

     Today was Parker's preschool Thanksgiving lunch.  He has been anticipating this day for weeks because they each got to bring an ingredient and help make the meal.  So, in he marched this morning with his sour cream, ready to roll up his sleeves and get started.  Technically it was a "parents only" type of event, but Jeremy is taking off work a day early for a trip to Montgomery on Wednesday, so Nana was my honorary husband today.  And then, of course, there's Everett.  At Tree House they have a huge room where they eat lunch and have play time.  On one wall of this room are trucks and tractors.  I'm talking shelves and shelves of trucks and tractors.  Guess what Everett's favorite thing just happens to be right now?  We walk in, he turns to the right, and all we hear is "TRACTOR, TRACTOR, TRACTOR!"  He never even sat down to eat.  All he wanted was to play those trucks.
     Meanwhile, Nana and I took a seat at the table to wait on Parker's class to come in.  And in they marched with their feathered headbands, ready to show us what they worked so hard on all morning.  Parker told us he stirred the cranberries and smashed the potatoes.  We had turkey, corn, "smashed" potatoes, cranberry sauce, bread, popcorn, and apples.  It was all very good.  After lunch all the kids lined up to sing a few songs for all the parents.  Parker loves learning all the songs, and he's constantly putting on a show for us at home.  Somehow when it's showtime at school he always manages to hide behind another kid, but I did manage to get a couple of pictures this time.  I am truly thankful for Tree House.  It is really a blessing for our Parker to be able to go to such a great place where he's learning so much.  I am also thankful for his teachers.  It really makes a difference when you know the teachers want to be there, and they're not just there to "work".  I know this will make all the difference when he starts kindergarten in August, and I love watching him learn new things every day!

Parker class coming in for lunch

 Nana and Parker


Typical picture of Parker. Someone trying to wrestle him down, the person with the camera trying to get him to smile, him listening to nobody and making crazy faces.

Enjoying a tasty lunch

Thanksgiving songs

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