Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Christmas Field Trip

     Today Parker's school went on a "Christmas" field trip to see a play, and then on to Coldwater Books for a snack and a story.  We were both excited because 2 of our favorite friends from church were in the play.  They are twins that are in Parker's small group class, and I had the pleasure of teaching them when they were in the 3's last year.  The play was a huge success.  I don't think the kids watching moved a muscle the entire time.

     Next we went to the bookstore for a snack and a story.  Parker, of course, wouldn't touch his sprinkled cookie, so he ate a handful of wheat thins I had in my bag.  He gave Everett the cookie when we got home, and he was very grateful to get it!  After their snack Mrs. Rea read them a story about the first Christmas.  I'm so thankful for the unashamed gospel witness that these teachers are to our children!  Parker and I had a great time together today.  It's so strange to think that this time next year he will be halfway through kindergarten! 

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