Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Tradition #2

     Our next tradition is one that Pop started a few years ago. Every December the Tennessee Valley Art Center puts on an exhibit called The Trees of Christmas. They have several trees that have been decorated by various individuals, community groups, schools, and local businesses. The art center is located in Tuscumbia between Ivy Green (Helen Keller's home) and an historic home called the Almon house. The Almon house was built in 1881, and my parents lives there a few years ago, so we got very accustomed to the art center.
     Pop called this morning to invite Mia to go see the exhibit today. She loves the art center so she and her Pop visit often, especially when special showings come through. Kenzie was also going with them, so she was extra excited. They spent the afternoon looking at the trees and had lunch at The Palace downtown, where I'm sure a few milkshakes were consumed.  Mia came home and told us all about the trees. Her favorite was decorated by Yummies bakery (what a shocker!).  Each year different kids get to tag along with Pop on this trip, but I think Mia always enjoys it the most!

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