Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Tradition #3

     Every Christmas we try to find an ornament project to make.  One year it was clothespin angels.  Another year it was snowmen made with buttons, foam, wire, and ribbon.  This year we did iridescent glass balls and paint.  The kids liked them so much they wanted to keep them for our tree, so I guess we will have to make more!  They were really simple and not near as messy as I had pictured they would be.  I had envisioned paint from head to toe and broken glass balls, but everybody's was still intact at the end of the day.  The kids picked the colors they wanted, then squirted a stream of that color into the ball.  When all their colors were in, they swirled them around until the inside surface was covered.  After that they're pretty much finished.  We left them upside down on a cup overnight to let any excess drip out.  Then we wrote the name, year, and age on them, tied a ribbon on, and hung them on our tree.  Everett was a little too small to participate in this one, but I have plans for his ornament.  He will be excited because it involves a tractor! 

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