Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Tradition #5 and #6

     On Christmas Eve night we all somehow end up at Pop and Nana's house around supper time.  Uncanny timing, huh?  Usually we order pizza and separate our gifts into "piles".  All the kids start guessing what's in their packages, and what's in everyone else's.  Then Nana lets everyone open just 1 gift before the big day.  This year the cousins also swapped presents with each other, so they had a little extra to open.  While the kids play with whatever they open, we start mixing up all the goodies for lunch the next day. 

     This year it was a little different because we were melding 2 traditions together.  The Christmas Eve night tradition and the Christmas morning tradition.  On Christmas we usually all meet at Nana's for breakfast and open our gifts then.  This year, with Christmas falling on Sunday, we knew we'd be rushed to get breakfast "over with" before church began, so we decided to have our annual breakfast for supper that Christmas Eve night.  Also this year the girls were helping out in the kitchen, so it was lots of fun.  Our menu is basically the same every year: Biscuits, chocolate gravy, bacon, eggs, and sausage balls.  These are our staples.  The girls did a wonderful job with their tasks.  Even Prentiss helped pour in the cheese and stir the potato casserole for the next day.  It really made me a little sad that they are getting so big.  Before we know it we'll have a kitchen full of teenagers!

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