Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Tree Farm

     We have just gotten home and thawed out from a trip to Shell's Christmas Tree Farm in Tuscumbia.  Mia's 1st grade class got to go this morning and pick out their tree for their classroom.  Jackson was supposed to do this in 1st grade, but the weather got bad and they never had time to reschedule the trip before Christmas break, so this was our first time there.  Everett and I dropped Parker off at school, then we headed to meet the kids.  As soon as we got there Everett spotted a tractor and a dog.  For the next couple of hours, if we were anywhere near them he had to be right beside them.  I pried him away from his new finds and we searched for Mia's class.  We found them in a little shed learning all about the different kinds of trees they could choose from.  A lady showed them branches from various species and told them a few facts about each one.  Next they were off in search of the perfect tree.  There were fields and fields of trees and they spent about 15 minutes roaming around to find a good one.  When they finally settled on one they had to measure it to see how tall it was.  So, while someone cut their tree they went to have a snack and some hot apple cider.  They also got to write Santa a letter and see the man himself!  Everett and I peeked around the corner while they were in with Santa and he saw him and said "Elmo".  I guess all the red is confusing when you're that little.  After their visit with Santa they got to watch their tree get all cleaned up and packaged to go back to school.  They also had a little bit of time to run around and play.  Luckily for Everett, the play area was right next to his beloved tractor.  Then the dog came over and he was in heaven!  We ended the trip with a hayride around the farm.  We never brave a live tree for Christmas, partly because of Parker's allergies, but they sure did smell nice while we were there.  I'm very glad to be home now in my comfy-cozies, enjoying my artificial tree and my Frasier Fir scented candle!

Elizabeth, Bella Claire, Mia, and Kaylee

The class in front of the tree they picked.



Mia and Bella

Christmas tree cakes and hot apple cider.  My kind of snack!

Writing letters to Santa

Thinking hard about what they want to ask for!

Getting the tree ready

Hayride.  It took Everett a little while to warm up to this.

The finished product.  Mrs. Collins said it's about 5 inches from the ceiling!

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