Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Vacation

     We are all finally out of school.  Jackson had his class Christmas party yesterday and the kids and I went to join in the fun.  By the time 4th grade rolls around, parties are reduced to festive snacks and that's it.  They also have the parties earlier in the day so we can snack, pack up, and get out of there!  Jackson's class had lots of goodies, including doughnuts (which are Parker's weakness).  Once all the kids in class had gone through the line, Parker and Mia were right behind them.  They ate and chatted with each other, then we got Jackson's ornament and craft things together and went home.

     We also had a fun lunch date planned with Pop and the cousins.  We met everyone at Chuck E. Cheese's around noon and had a blast!  This was Everett's first time there, and he rode every car they had.  He and Prentiss took turns feeding tokens into the bus for most of the day.  Jackson and Isaac were more into the video games than the games that gave tickets.  Mia and Kenzie were in it to win it, and they had quite a stash of tickets by the end of the afternoon.  For once, Parker could be as loud as he wanted, and we still couldn't hear him over the deadening roar of the music and the other kids.  He and Ezra played everything!  We also got a pleasant surprise when my Grandad showed up from Hamilton.  We don't see them as often as we'd like, so we were glad he came to join in the fun!  Carley and one of her friends were there, but they stayed glued to their phones most of the time.  She and Everett are big buddies lately, so she did get up and chase him around for a few minutes.  By the time the pizza was ready, Nana showed up too, so we had a whole section of tables filled up.  We ate, played a little more, then cashed out at the prize counter.  Little did we know the girls were already cooking up more fun for the afternoon.  Kenzie and Mia weren't done playing, so they decided to come to our house.  Then Jackson wanted to go with Isaac.  When the little boys figured out what was happening, they didn't want to split up either, so Ezra came home with Parker.  They all played good for the rest of the afternoon.  We swapped all the kids back right before church time, and everyone was exhausted from such a fun day!

 Their expressions are priceless

 The original James Fowler

     I think I am happier than the kids that school is finally over.  4th grade homework has hit us hard this year, but Jackson is still making all A's on his report cards.  God blessed him with intelligence beyond his years, and he is learning to make good use of this gift.  His imagination is exploding right before our eyes, and he loves to read, write, and make up stories.  For the 2nd year in a row Jackson will have a new teacher after Christmas.  Mrs. Daniel retired in November, and Mr. Jarmon will take her place in January.  This is Jackson's first male teacher, and all the boys in class are very excited!  Mia got her final report card for the year before we left her school on Tuesday, and she had all S's and S+'s, which are basically A's.  Although she'd much rather be painting, she does very well on all her assignments.  Parker has far exceeded my expectations for his first experience with school.  My biggest fear was that he would get kicked out for trying to wrestle and fight, since that is his favorite past time, but he has only been on the grumpy bench for it twice.  And to the best of my knowledge, all parties involved in the incidents have been willing participants in the wrestling ring.  The teachers at Tree House are phenomenal, and he will be more than ready for kindergarten in August.  Everett is on a rampage these day.  He never sits, or walks anywhere for that matter.  It's full speed ahead all day.  So, we are all home together now and our family holiday fun can begin.  I have declared today an official pj day at our house.  As I write this morning I hear 4 squealing voices playing hide-n-seek.  I can anticipate already missing this sound.  Life is so sweet, and I thank God for the blessing of my family.

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