Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dog Gone

     Yes, it's true.  Our little hair ball has moved on to bigger and better things.  Translation: we are once again a dog free home.  I'm trying not to be too overenthusiastic in front of the kids (especially Mia), but I am overjoyed to not have to deal with her anymore!  For as long as I have had kids I have stuck to my mantra, "I have children, not animals."  One set of mess-makers at a time, please.  After much debate, and with promises of help from all the kids, we had a good trial run with Layla.  Mind you, I use the words "promises" and "help" very loosely.  So did the kids, that's why she had to go.  I think Mia thought that Layla would want to lay in her lap all day and watch Disney channel.  She quickly found out that that is not what energetic puppies like to do!  We did love her, and we will miss her (maybe), but my life is too busy to clean up after anything else right now.  A sweet family that we know is now having their first dog experience with her.  One of their boys is in first grade with Mia at Webster, so she has been keeping us updated.  It sounds like so far, so good.  The day they came to get her Mia spent a lot of the afternoon in tears.  We had had a lengthy discussion with her off and on for about a week before we decided she was leaving, and Mia understood that we were just to busy running here and there right now to take the time a puppy would need.  I think she liked the idea of a dog more than she enjoyed the actual "chore" of having a dog.  So, good luck to Layla's new owners.  Now I'm back to having only 1 thing in my house that needs to be potty trained!

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