Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye to 2011 and Final 52 Home

     A year ago I couldn't imagine having a year's worth of stuff to write about, but as I look through my past blogs I'm very grateful I got it all down.  Everyone in our family is another year older, wiser, and crazier.  As our children grow we are enjoying them more and more.  We were very blessed to have spent an entire year in the same house.  If you know my husband then you know what a huge accomplishment this was for our family!  Which brings me to my last photo for my 52 Home project:

This is a photo of our house taken by Jeremy just this morning.  Can you tell what's missing from this photo?  You guessed it, a "for sale" sign.  We will once again be selling and building.  This has become one of Jeremy's favorite activities over the past few years, and we are all along for the ride.  He did promise me 2 Christmas's in this house and as of last week he has kept that promise.  So, beginning tomorrow we are on the market once again.  So, if any of you are looking for a wonderful 4/5 bedroom home, in a great family friendly neighborhood, in Muscle Shoals, Alabama we've got the one for you!  All joking aside, this has been my favorite house that we've had.  We tend to cling to each other more than the actual structure of a house for our "home", so we always have fun building.  Yes, it's stressful for me because I'm the one that has to do all the packing up, not to mention the unpacking when we finally get into the new place, but we always settle in pretty quickly.  The kids are already trying to pick their room colors for next time!  I thought this last post would be filled with the retelling of the past year, but we are already looking so forward to the next one that it's all I want to write about.  All in all 2011 has been very good to us.  We have had our share of struggles and losses, just as any family does, but we have weathered them and come through them together. 

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