Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kicking off Christmas

     Our annual Christmas parade was last Thursday night and it was COLD!  Mia's dance company got to ride in it, so she was very excited.  She was not too happy about having to wear 4 layers of clothing, thus the smug expression on the picture above.  I told her she'd thank me later when they sat in the cold air for an hour (which she did).  Nana kept Everett for us, so we picked up Pop and headed to stake out a spot to view all the floats.  We met Grandma there and the kids ran around and played until we heard the sirens signal the beginning of the parade.  Jackson also tracked down one of his buddies, Dawson, so they were set for the night.  All the boys had bags ready to collect tons of candy, but we unfortunately were at the end of the parade route, so most everyone had already thrown it all by the time they got to us.  We did manage to score a few pieces here and there.  Parker didn't care so much about the candy, but he loved all the characters.  Where else can you find Batman, Spiderman, and Superman all in the same place?  Mia's group was one of the very last ones, and she waved and smiled when she finally spotted us.  She had a great time and was very grateful for the extra layers after all!  Of course on the last float were none other than Santa and Mrs. Claus.  Jackson and Dawson didn't care that much about him, but Parker shouted and waved at him.  We all had a good time, but were glad to get home and thaw out!  It was a wonderful beginning to a festive month.

Jackson, Grandma, and Parker

It's starting!

Jackson and Dawson taunting Cookie Monster

The "big girls" dancing in front of the truck pulling the rest of the dancers

Next Generation Dance

Mia and friends

Here comes Santa Claus

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