Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Project in Progress

     For years I have slowly pulled the old, metal snowman stocking holders from the attic.  That first Christmas when it was just Jeremy and me, I bought 2 red snowman stocking holders.  They had long legs that hung down over the mantle and curled up at the toes to hold the stockings.  They were some of the very first Christmas decorations I bought after we were married.  Stockings are my very favorite "decoration" for Christmas, for reasons that will follow in another post.  As our family grew I had to add more and more stocking holders to our collection.  Of course I could never find any that were the exact matches to the originals, but I stuck with the snowman theme.  Now we have a motley crew of stocking holders adorning our fireplace.  I have long since given up finding 6 that I love in a store to buy, so this year we finally just made our own, or rather we're in the process of making our own.  I wanted something sturdy, that wouldn't fall apart every year as it went in and came out of storage.  I also wanted them to have the same basic structure, but be able to be personalized as well, just like our stockings.  So, after hours of sanding and painting and sanding and painting and sanding and . . . well, this is what we came up with. 

     I had seen different variations of these, some as high as $100 each.  EACH, I said!  Well, as dear as my stockings are to me, I would never pay $600 just to hang them in my home for a few weeks out of the year.  We have almost all of them made.  When they're finished they'll have a spot for each of our pictures on the front.  I think I'll print them in black and white since the holders themselvers are a little "loud".   I'm notorious for finding a project, starting it, and failing miserably at completing it.  Usually about halfway through it I realize it's not going to turn out how I had envisioned, but I was pleasantly surprised that these turned out almost as good as I wanted!  I can't wait to see all our little faces with our homemade stockings hanging from them!

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