Friday, January 6, 2012

The 2012 Ball is Rolling . . .

     As I have just caught my breath from the holidays, life is in full swing once again at our house.  Everyones first few days back to school have been great.  Jackson brought home his very first B on a report card yesterday, and I thought his daddy would just about faint.  We don't try to emphasize perfection in our family, but we do emphasize doing your best at everything you attempt.  Jackson is extremely intelligent and we know that that B wasn't his best, especially since he kept forgetting to bring his books home those last few weeks in December.  So we gave the old "we're proud of all you've accomplished, but we know it wasn't your best, so let's buckle back down and finish the out the year doing our best".  I say "our" best because Jeremy and I feel like we're right there in 4th grade with him.  I don't think I ever hated homework so much in my life!  Also this semester, he's trying his hand at wrestling.  Shoals Youth Wrestling is meeting twice a week at his school to teach 1st through 8th graders.  He's never been into contact sports, so it surprised us he wanted to try it, but he went last night to their first practice and he loved it!  (Carley's boyfriend wrestles for Deshler, so I think that influenced his decision just a little!)  Jeremy took him and I pleaded with him to take pictures, so this is what he sent me.

I guess he's not going to get out on the mat and take a million pictures like I would, but this is a good effort on his part.

Mia came home with a flyer in her backpack as well.

     She is already planning what dress she wants to wear.  I told her she could do it as long as she wouldn't get mad if she didn't win.  She said she didn't care, she just liked getting to dress up and wear make up on stage!  I may have a mess on my hands in about 10 years. 

     Parker was glad to get back to his class and see his friends.  He got some new tennis shoes (just like Jackson's) and before the teacher even had the car door all the way open, he was showing them off and telling her all about them. 

     Everett is turning into a nightmare.  One day we found him sitting on the computer desk with my camera in hand, which he had snagged from the very top shelf of the desk.  He had turned it on and when I walked in and looked at him he pointed it at me and said, "mile (smile) mama".  This child has no fear.  Not only could he have hurdled to his death from his perch, but he also didn't care about the spanking he knew was coming for climbing.  Here is his handywork.


     Mia was also a climber, so I guess he takes after her.  He also has an eye for Jeremy's iPad.  If he ever sees him sit it down, he runs over and grabs it up.  Not only that, but he unlocks it, finds Angry Birds, and starts up a game.  Should an almost 2 year old be able to do this?  A better question I guess would be, if an almost 2 year old can do this, shouldn't we let him?  Another favorite pastime is following people into the bathroom to help them potty, especially Parker.  He will walk in right after him and say, "pee pee?" .He also likes to roll all the paper off into the floor.  If he ever asks to go too, we always let him sit and try.  He hasn't actually done anything yet, but it's never to early to start encouraging! 

     I am trying my best to keep the house semi-decent on the chance that someone calls from the front yard and wants to see the inside of our house.  I asked Jeremy to please stress to whomever calls that I will need a little bit of time to tidy up (especially the endless mounds of hot wheels that are constantly under foot these days).  We haven't really "advertised" other than a sign in our yard for now, but we will put it in the paper before long I'm sure. 
     Well, Monday is the day.  And no, I'm not talking National Championship.  I will be turning another year older.  My kids are already kidding me about how ancient I'm getting.  After all, they say, I did live in the 1900's (meaning 80's and 90's).  We had a great opportunity to go the the Bama game this weekend in New Orleans, but I can't imagine paying hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for tickets.  Much less the horrible mood my husband would be in on my birthday if they lost the game!  A cousin of mine has an apartment in Jackson Square, and he said we were welcome to stay there if we came down, but I think we will stay home and watch from the comfort of the couch, instead of with thousands of our closest friends (and enemies to boot).  So, between the game, dance practice, and wrestling practice, I should have a pretty busy birthday.  I see this as a blessing in that I hopefully won't have time to think about how old I'm getting!  And should our beloved Crimson Tide lose the game, we can at least drown all our sorrows in buttercream icing!

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