Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our Home

     And there it is.  The trusty old "for sale" sign.  Nothing is sacred with this man, except maybe his kids, and that's MAYBE folks!  I did once overhear a disturbing conversation about trading a (then) baby Everett for a farm with acreage, but he was just joking.  I think.  I have learned in some ways it's good to not be so attached to a physical house, but to cling to the ones I love for my sense of home.  Today I sat down and counted all the places we have lived since we were married, including all the rentals between building houses.  The grand total is: 10.  Moving into this house was our 10th move.  We are hoping, as crazy as it sounds, to have #11 (renting) and #12 (new house) under our belts before the end of 2012.  I thought I'd use this post for some pictures of our home, so we'll remember it.  And so I can one day look back and make fun of my nonexistent decorating skills.  Also I started my "things I will not realize I miss until I (once again) no longer have them" list.  It begins as follows: 1. a garbage disposal, 2. a covered place to park my car, 3. an ice dispenser in my freezer, 4. water pressure, 5. Pop and Nana for neighbors, 6.  My back porch swing.  This list will only get bigger and better as we get closer to renting a place while we build again.  I'm sure there are untold treasures that I will only remember once we're actually in said rental space.  I try not to complain (too much) because we are very blessed to have all that we do.  I guess it just goes to show you how many little conveniences we take for granted nowadays.  Yes, I googled "nowadays" and it's actually a word in itself.  Here we go,

Jackson's room.  He started out wanting everything red.  Walls, ceiling, carpet, closet, etc.  He settled for 2 crimson and 2 tan walls.  The furniture he has was the very first bedroom set Jeremy and I bought as newly weds.  All we could afford was the bed, chest, and 1 night stand.  Mom and Dad bought
us the mattress as a wedding gift.

Upstairs bathroom.  I looked high and low for these mirrors and I love them.

Mia's room

Playroom.  I have a real love/hate relationship with this room. 
Love when it's clean/ hate when it's messy.  You can guess how I feel about it most of the time.

Downstairs extra bathroom.  When we moved in Everett was 3 weeks old. 
He now stands on a stool at this sink to brush his teeth with his Spiderman toothbrush!

 Our den with Jeremy's enormous leather couches.

Kitchen.  You can barely read the scripture over the window. 
I love it so much I may have it in every kitchen for the rest of my life!

My backsplash was painstakingly installed by my dear husband. 
He still reminds me how hard it was to cut the tiles directly behind the stove. 
Maybe I can talk him into doing one more like this!

I think it was Paula Deen who said, "Every southern home needs a front porch swing and
a rooster in the kitchen".  Well, I have a swing on my back porch, and as of Christmas
I have my rooster.  It still counts if he's green, right?

Dining room.  I am the proud owner of my great grandmother's dining room furniture
(which I'm told was considered very modern when she got it.) 
I'm not sure how much longer it can survive my kids!

Everett and Parker's room.  I love this green.  This poor furniture we bought brand new before Jackson was born, almost 10 years ago!  The dresser and night stand are on their last legs, but I hope one day one of our kids will want to have the rocker that they were rocked to sleep in to rock their own babies.  And, thanks to pinterest, I have big plans to turn the baby bed into a bench.  I'm afraid that little piece of the kids' history will be staying with me until I'm gone for good!

Our room.  This bed started out with tall posts on the footboard which connected to the headboard, and I was not a fan, so Jeremy took it to a man to have them removed and he reset the headboard as well.  A vast improvement in my book!

Ahh, my tub.  I had to put 2 pics of it in because I love it so much.  It's wonderful in the early evening, when the sunset shines through the glass and makes everything pink and gold. 
Make this #7 on my list of things I'll miss.

Our foyer and Jeremy's precious crown moulding. 
He was excited for months after our trim guys installed it. 
I think he just might miss it the most!

When I hear the phrase "business in the front, party in the back" 2 things come to mind. 
Mullets, and our houses.  The front is nice and neat, the backyard looks like a junkyard.   

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