Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Away with a Celebrity Sighting!

     Alright, so it wasn't me who spotted the celebrity, it was mom.  That counts by relation, right?  On Friday Jeremy and I headed to Nashville for a little weekend getaway.  This was my birthday present from him, so I've been looking forward to it for a few weeks.  Of course, like all of our best laid plans we had a few hiccups.  Mia had 2 rounds of the nasty stomach virus that's going around the past week.  Her first round of it was actually 2 Friday's ago, but her last bought starting on Wednesday night.  By Thursday morning she was tons better, but I kept her out of school Thursday and Friday to be on the safe side.  No one else showed any symptoms, so we left town feeling like we were in the clear. 

     We got to Nashville that afternoon and drove straight downtown to Gruhn's.  I think Jeremy's brain is imprinted with a homing signal to this place, and it's always our first stop when we get in town.  He could stay here all day and play.  We walked around downtown a little after that then decided to go check in.  Our hotel had a resident Dachshund that Mia would've loved, but I only saw it when we checked in.  It's little bed was right beside the front desk!  We ended our day with cheesecake for supper from the Cheesecake Factory, and it was delicious as usual.
     Saturday was cold and rainy, but it didn't deter our shopping plans.  We had 2 missions that day.  Look for a pageant dress for Mia, and look at chess sets for Jackson.  Jeremy ended up picking out Mia's dress, which is red and sparkly and almost as loud as she is.  I did have to stop him from buying the jewel encrusted matching red shoes.  She would have been in bedazzled heaven!  Jackson will be 10 next month, so we browsed around for a nice chess set.  He has a glass one, but with lots of "helpers" I'm afraid he won't have it for long!  I'd like to get him a really nice one, that he can keep and maybe play with his kids one day.  We didn't buy one, but I got a better idea of what I'm looking for.  My parents came into town around lunch time so we met up with them for a bite to eat.  The Blackhawks (dad's team) were in town playing the Predators (Carley's team) so they had tickets for that night.  We had a nice lunch, then went back to the room.  Mom wasn't going to the game, so we picked her up later that evening for dinner.  Jeremy and mom love a good steak, so we went to Morton's.  After dinner we got the dreaded phone call.  Mia had so kindly shared her virus with Parker.  By this time it was around 8 p.m.  We debated on driving on home that night, but Jeremy's mom said everyone else was fine, and he didn't really get sick anymore, so we decided to stay and drive back early Sunday morning.  I don't think I slept a wink, praying that Parker would feel better and no one else would get sick. 
     We packed up that morning and drove home.  We talked to them on our way home and Grandma said everyone else was still fine, and Parker was feeling a little better.  Also on our way home we got a call from mom.  She said they were at breakfast in the hotel, sitting next to Hoda Kotb!  Mom wouldn't ask for a picture or an autograph, but Carley snapped one with her phone.She said Hoda spoke to her on her way out and asked her how she was.  Mom said she's a lot skinnier and taller in person. 

     We got home and were very glad to see all the kids.  Parker was still a little pale, but he was begging to play with everybody else, so we knew he was getting back to his regular self.  Everett ended up with a fever last night, but tylenol and laying in the recliner with his daddy watching football seemed to cure him.  He slept through the night and everyone feels good this morning.  Hopefully we can get through the week with no more sickness! 
     I only took 2 pictures the entire weekend.  I always have the best intentions of documenting our time away together with my camera, but I rarely do.  I think when there are no kids around we just get caught up in being together with no interruptions that I forget I even have the camera with me!

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