Wednesday, February 29, 2012

10 Years of Mommyhood

     I had extremely mixed emotions yesterday.  10 years ago I was holding my sweet first born son, Jackson Graham.  It's kind of scary to think about how naive Jeremy and I were, and we were going to be responsible for a living, breathing PERSON!  The first blessing of our 4 is growing like a weed.  Just this week I noticed how small all of his clothes are looking on him.  I went to brush his hair one morning (one thing I still can't manage to tame) and he was up to my shoulders.  Like, overnight!  Poor Jackson has had that difficult task of breaking us in as parents.  I can think of a million things that we should have done differently, and I'm sure he could tell you a million more.  I don't know how one child can be so much like me, and still so much like his dad.  Like me he is stubborn, compassionate, intimidated by a crowd, sarcastic to a fault, and loves a good book.  Like Jeremy he is funny, persuasive, intelligent, and knows how to lead.  He has my love of writing, but has his dad's bad handwriting.  Thank goodness for computers!  He has my perfectionist tendencies, in that if he tries something once and it doesn't work out he is immediately frustrated.  Something it looks like we will both be praying about and working on throughout our lives!  He has an adventurous outlook, and will try most anything.  I don't know who he gets that from, but I admire that in him.  He is a wonderful big brother and easily the leader of all the other kids.  They love him to pieces and always want his opinion on things.  He loves for us all to be together and play games or watch movies, just like his dad.  I hope he keeps that family oriented mindset as he grows up.
     Pop and Nana always take the birthday person out to dinner, so Jackson picked Buffalo Wild Wings and we met them, Carley, and Grandma there.  Then we met up with the cousins back at Nana's house for cookie cake and ice cream sundaes.  I think he had a wonderful 10th birthday.  I'm sure he wants to write a little about it, so I'll leave the details to him.  Happy Birthday Jackson!

I love how in all our family pictures we're having to literally
hold the kids in place so they don't make a run for it!

This is the face he makes while we sing Happy Birthday!

All the kids (minus Prentiss)

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