Saturday, February 4, 2012

And the Winner Is . . .

 . . . not us again.  Yes, it's that time of year.  Little Miss Trojan Beauty 2012 was crowned today, and though Mia did a great job, she didn't get the crown.  I think she was a little more disappointed this year than last, but she was happy for all the friends that went home with trophies.  Let's be honest, nobody enters a beauty pageant not wanting to win!  She couldn't have done any better than she did today and we were so proud of her!  After hours of watching 38 (YES 38!) kindergartners and 1st graders prance around the stage in their high heels, we anxiously awaited the results with our fingers crossed.  I think it wouldn't have been as bad if #16, #17, and #19 hadn't all been called for a trophy.  Guess what number Mia was.  Yep, that's right, #18.  Talk about feeling like the last kid picked for the team.  But, as much as we were all hoping for a win, there were no tears, and she was very proud of how well she did.  I think her daddy and I are taking it harder than she did!  We congratulated all her friends that won and took lots of pictures.  After 10 minutes of being in the car she was all smiles and ready to get home and play.  Her only comment when I asked if she was disappointed was, "Yeah a little.  I guess they just really liked blondes."  I hadn't even picked up on the fact that all the girls that won were blonde!  She cracks me up with the things she notices.  The best part of the entire pageant experience for me is getting all that girl time in, and boy did we!  Picking out the dress, the shoes, practicing the makeup (over and over), getting our hair done, painting nails, the list goes on and on.  I wouldn't trade all that time for anything in the world, but I do believe the Lord blessed me with only 1 girl for a reason!

Mia's good luck flowers from Nana

Hair done

Mia and Maddie (2nd runner up)

Mia and Ashlyn

Mia and Kamryn (the winner)

First appearance on stage

Answering her question

Waiting for results

Mia and Avery after the pageant

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