Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday to Everett

     Everett turned 2 years old this past Wednesday and we celebrated on Thursday night.  We had pizza, wings, and "train" cake.  For the past month he's been telling us he's 2 and he wants a train cake.  Since our house was in chaos from the move, we ate supper at Nana's.  Everett got lots of trucks, tractors, and trains, so he had a blast running around and playing all night.  He even blew out his candle this year, which he had been practicing with my candles at home.  We started moving yesterday, so I'm delirious right now.  Our internet won't be on until Monday, so I'm using mom's computer to blog.  I have no idea how to use the picture editing software she has, so excuse the red eyes in all the photos. 

Technically this is Parker's conductor hat, but Everett has taken it over.

 Parker sneaking into Everett's picture

Everett mad about Parker messing up his picture!

 Happy birthday from Jackson, Mia, and Parker

"That my train cake"

Mmm . . . cake

     Everett is really starting to string his words together lately.  He told me "come on mama play game with me" one day.  He says "huh?" almost every time we tell him something.  He also has learned the power of "no" and running away when he doesn't want to do something.  He is my dishwasher helper, and loves to hand me all the spoons, plates, and bowls.  He has picked up a wonderful phrase from Parker - "you're mean".  He is a noise maker everywhere he goes.  If he has nothing to say he will just sing or squeal.  His idea of sharing is giving you something he likes so you can see it, and then taking it right back.  He knows that if we go to the bank and he screams "bye" loud enough, the teller will hear him and send out a sucker.  He still has his paci, but only (most days) at bedtime, and he still sleeps with monkey.  He wants to drive everything that has wheels.  He's better on the computer/smart phone/ipad than I am.  I often find 60 pictures on my phone that he has taken of himself.  I can hear him saying "mile Evett" (smile Everett) and then "cheese".  He says Dragon (Jackson), Mama (Mia), Karkar (Parker), and Evett (Everett).  He has always called me "mama" but just today he started saying "mommy" and it melts my heart all over again.  He's the only man I know who is genuinely happy when we get stopped by a train.  Wherever he goes he is running.  His favorites are pop tarts, milk, juice couch (pouch), anything gummy, any kind of chicken, and corn.  He is very sweet and very sneaky, and we all love him to pieces!

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