Thursday, February 23, 2012


     After all the packing, moving, unpacking, repacking (less space for our junk than I thought in this rental, ha!), we are all here and functioning in the rental house.  We officially moved last Friday, but last night was the first night we were all home by 4 p.m. and had no plans for the evening.  So, we decided it would be a good pizza/movie night.  Not just any pizza night, but make your own pizza night.  We had all the ingredients, and I found personal sized 3 pack crusts at the grocery.  Just enough for us!  Everyone put their own pie together and 20 minutes later, the mouthwatering masterpieces were ready to be consumed. 

After that we promptly got into our pj's and watched Zookeeper, for which we also had appropriate refreshments! 

We don't indulge like this often, but I was so happy we were all together (finally) that I couldn't help but spoil them. 
     I was going to post pictures of the new place, but we still have a few boxes here and there, so I'll refrain until it's photo-worthy.  It's by far the nicest rental we've ever been in, complete with a dishwasher and garbage disposal, which rank high on my "most used appliances" list.  A new addition to our family is a bunk bed.  Everett sleeps so good by himself that we hated to throw him in a room with another kid, so the big 3 are all in one room for these next few months.  Jeremy got a good deal on an older bunk bed from a guy at work, and the kids are loving it!  We also have Parker's toddler bed in this room, so they're playing musical beds every night.  We have yet to let Parker sleep on the top since he's such a wiggler.  I have no doubt he would be on the floor the very first night!  He still falls out of his own bed, and it has a much longer bar than the bunk does.  The best part is that I can take the ladder off in the mornings, so Everett can't climb up anytime he wants.  Another thing we've never had in a rental is a fenced back yard.  It's so nice to just open the door and let the kids run wild, especially with the nice weather we're having lately.  So we are getting more settled everyday, and thankfully so because we have a big weekend coming up.  Jackson has his very first wrestling tournament in Huntsville Saturday, and that night there's a HUGE SURPRISE happening.  At least I hope it will still be a surprise.  I guess it depends on how many 10 year old boys can keep their traps shut!

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