Thursday, February 9, 2012


     5 weeks. That's how long it took us to sell our house. As crazy as it sounds, I was hoping it wouldn't sell so fast, but I had a gut feeling that it would.  I even told Jeremy I felt like it would sell quickly.  So I am now up to my eyeballs in boxes and bubble wrap.  We love our neighborhood and hate to leave it even if it's only for a few months.  All of our neighbors have offered to help us pack or watch the kids while we get things done.  I have had lots of "helpers" since I started packing too. 

     The fun part of all this is that we have to be out by February 28th.  Yes, that's just 3 weeks away!  We will rent a house while we build.  We really like the family that bought our house, which is good since we are building right next door to them.  Jeremy has gotten home building down to a science, so I have high hopes that this will be our easiest one yet.  Rental homes seem to be few and far between this time around.  If you live in our area and have the money to buy/build a rental property then do it!  We have been blessed to have neighbors who have a house for sale in another neighborhood and they are willing to let us rent it for a few months while we build.  Our only concern is that it will sell while we are renting it and we will have to move again.  They told us that if it sells they will give us 90 days to find somewhere else to go.  That means, if we can get about 60 days into it without it selling, we should be alright.  I hate to hope they don't sell their house, because I know what a financial burden that can be, but I really don't want to move 3 times!  The rental is in the neighborhood where Jeremy and I bought our first house.  We had rented apartments and homes throughout the state of Alabama as we worked our way back to Muscle Shoals, but this was the first place that was ours.  He had just gotten a job with Colbert County and we were moving back home.  Back then it was just us and Jackson, and we had just found out we were pregnant with Mia.  This is also the place where Jackson first met his now best friend, Max.  We'll be right around the corner from Mia's school and not too far from Jackson's.  And the storage building we'll use for most of our stuff is practically in our backyard, so these are all pluses.
     Did I mention this also is shaping up to be the busiest month of my life?  Here's the run down, just for fun: 2 family members have surgeries, 3 Valentine's Day parties (one of which I signed up to help with at the first of the school year), Everett turns 2 next week, Jackson turns 10 on the 28th, a handful of friend's birthday parties to attend, dance on Monday's, wrestling on Monday's and Thursday's, Read Across America at the kids schools begins towards the end of the month, and our 6 month visits to the dentist (which includes everyone except Everett and will probably deserve a blog all it's own).  So we will be running all month long! 
     Isn't God good?  In a down economy and a "buyer's market" we sell our house in just a few weeks to people that we really like, are blessed with neighbors who are willing to let us live in their house, and will be beginning a new home in a few weeks.  It's very humbling to me to think that some people on this Earth don't know where they will lay their heads tonight, but He has chosen to bless us with an abundance of so many things.  I am overwhelmed with God's provisions and timing for our family this morning. 

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