Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Bashes

   This year we started at Parker's preschool.  His party was on Monday (since they're out on Tuesday/Thursdays) and he was so pumped about his Power Ranger Valentines.  He was also excited because Grandma was coming to his school for the first time.  Everett and I picked her up and got to school around 11 a.m. to help set up.  Among the other million things I have going on this month this was also the party I signed up to help with at the beginning of the school year!  They had a snack, sang some songs, and then they got to pass out their valentines.  They were so excited to do this all by themselves.  They each passed out all the cards and treats they brought (yes, all 42 of them!) and then Parker got to show Grandma around his school.  He showed her the Bluebird's room, the morning room, and where his cubby was.  You can guess what Everett did, only this time he had a playmate.  Or as he would refer to him, if he could say it, the competition.  He spent the morning giving the other boy cars, then taking them from him.  After the party Parker got to go home with Grandma while Everett and I finished errands and went home to continue packing.  When he got home he went through his bag of goodies from the party, and was so excited to see all the cards and suckers!  In all the chaos of the morning I didn't take my camera, so here are the few grainy phone pics I snapped.

Germ-X before passing out valentines.  His daddy would be so proud!

     This morning was our annual Valentine's Day breakfast.  We started this a couple of years ago, when it fell on a Saturday, and have continued it ever since.  When it falls on a weekday we have cinnamon rolls with heart sprinkles instead of the coveted biscuits and chocolate gravy.  I've been collecting decorations for a few weeks and I decorated the table last night after bedtime and put everybody's little prize out.  For the record, I am normally completely against anything stuffed coming through our doors, but I broke my own rule this year.  Like most families we have more than our share of bears and other stuffed animals.  Enough that I can usually donate a big box of them to someone who needs them.  But, when I was walking through the valentine aisle one day there they were.  Multicolored little sock monkeys with striped sweaters and hearts.  I had to have them.  The kids . . . I meant the kids had to have them.  They were a huge hit this morning until Everett decided it would be fun to throw his "to" Jackson across the table.  It's a good thing Jackson wasn't particularly attached to what he was wearing because his OJ went flying through the air and got all over him.  Luckily nobody else got hit, so we finished breakfast and got the big kids off to school.  Next stop, school parties with Jackson and Mia!

     Nana kept the little boys while I went to the big kid parties this afternoon.  Mia's was at 1:45 and Jackson's started at 2:15, so it's really all a blur.  In Mia's class we played Valentine bingo with sweethearts for the markers.  Then they had a snack and looked through their boxes at all the cards they had exchanged earlier in the day.  We hurriedly sad goodbyes there and made our way to McBride for Jackson's party, which was in full swing by the time we got there.  They had exchanged valentines too and they were having their snack.  They all had balloons to take home, which Jackson quickly gave to Mia since it was a red heart.  He's waaaaay too cool for something so mushy.  Another thing they did was Val-O-Grams.  All last week they could pay $.50 to send a card and a sucker to someone special at school.  Jackson has a crush on a little girl in his class, but he totally chickened out.  He sent her a card but instead of "from Jackson" he put "from ?".  When we walked in his class he pulled a red card out of his pocket.  He had gotten a card from someone with the same thing on it.  We spent the ride home trying to figure out who might've sent it to him.  I didn't take one picture of him in his classroom.  It was so rushed when we got there that I didn't even try.  I did take one of him on the way home with his balloon.

So, that's all of our Valentine's celebrations for this year.  I need a nap.

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