Thursday, March 8, 2012

50's Day

     Yesterday the kids at Webster Elementary celebrated the fact that there are only 50 more days of school left this year.  Nana made Mia a poodle skirt and she looked so cute.  On our way to school I flipped the radio over to the 50's station on XM to get her in the 50's mood.  Ricky Nelson was on and I told her that he was kind of like Justin Bieber back then, but she was not impressed.  I turned it up louder and opened my window when she was getting out.  The reaction I got was a sigh and a "you are a crazy woman" eye roll with the usual "I love you mom".  Everett and I came back about an hour later that morning to help with Mia's P.E. class and they all looked so sweet!  They had sock hop music playing and the kids got to hopscotch, hula hoop, and limbo.  Later that afternoon I went back to her class to make coke floats for snack.  We thought about doing moon pies, but most of the kids said they didn't like them.  I can't imagine not liking moon pies!  The floats were a hit though, and they slurped them down pretty fast after all the fun activities that day.

All ready for the day

 When I looked through these pictures later I saw this one and I could picture
Mia in her wedding dress surrounded by all those brothers one day. 

Mimi & KK

Mia trying to get Everett to participate

Mia's class

Her float was gone before I could even snap a picture!

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