Wednesday, March 21, 2012

House, Hoot, and How Did I Forget That?

     I forget my camera (almost) every time we go to the new house.  We actually have started framing and hope to be done with that pretty soon, but the only pics I have are from the day the slab was poured.  Everett couldn't stop running long enough to strike a pose.  I will update on the house soon.  Maybe.  If I remember my camera.  So it will probably be later than sooner.

This is such a typical picture of our kids. 
Thank goodness for skorts!

     I was browsing around a local antique/thrift store a few days ago and ran across the ugliest brown ceramic owl I have ever seen.  Not that I've seen that many I guess, so I'm probably not a good judge of ceramic owls, but trust me, she was ugly.  The minute I saw her I thought of the half can of turquoise Krylon I had and I knew she would look much better wearing it.  I bought her ($1) and sprayed her today while the kids were at school.  She looked a million times better already, but she needed some bling, so Mia and I finished sprucing her up tonight.  We gave her aqua jewels for eyes, but we knew something was missing.  We sat her on the counter and stared a while.  Then at the same time we both screamed "HAIR BOW!"  We found another rhinestone and a flower and now she's perfect.  Mia named her Hoot and said she's going to live in her room in the new house.

You can tell she feels better now that she's all fixed up!

     I guess in all of our weekend glory I completely forgot that Everett and I went to sit with Mia's class last week on Thursday.  Since they were out on Friday they were celebrating St. Patrick's Day a little early.  I took rainbow cupcakes and Mrs. Collins had all the goodies (lime sherbet and sprite) to make "shamrock" floats.  They all looked great in their green and the room was decorated with leprechauns, shamrocks, and rainbows.

 Everett is not about to let a snack time pass him by!

Mia's shamrock & rainbow on left

     Spring Break begins in 2 days, and I'm so ready for it.  Jeremy got us tickets for The Hunger Games Friday night, and I can't wait!  The first book of this series was in my summer reading pile-O-books last year, but I left it for very last.  I didn't really think I'd like it, but I poured through it (and the next 2), and they were wonderful.  I even talked Jeremy into reading them and he is not a reader.  The big kids both have parties that night, and Grandma is babysitting the little boys while we go out.  I think that's when our Spring Break will officially be declared as begun.

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