Friday, March 30, 2012

It Looks Like a House!

     Or at least it does from the street.  It's always nice when all the beams start to resemble the skeleton of our what will become our home.  When we told Parker we had walls up at the house, he was thinking painted ready-to-move-in walls, not beams of wood.  But, it is going fast and that's always a plus.  Framing should be finished for the most part tomorrow. 

     Today was supposed to be a major contruction zone, but the rain booted out most of what should have been going on.  On the agenda was: finish up framing and install windows, 2nd plumbing phase (which includes most tubs going in), electrical, and roof gets started.  So, hopefully tomorow and Monday these are the things that will be happening.  I'm eyeball deep in lighting decisions right now.  If only I didn't have a budget.  Then I could be done in about 20 minutes!

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