Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our (Unexpected) Long Weekend

     Little did I know that when I checked Jackson and Mia out of school a little early on Wednesday afternoon, that I would not be taking them back to school until the following Monday.  All day Wednesday I was in the car.  Taking kids to school, helping at Mia's school, getting things in order for the new house, picking kids up from school, dropping the little boys at Nana's, getting our stuff together for our trip that night, etc.  Jackson and Mia had gotten tickets to see Big Time Rush in concert for Christmas, and wouldn't you know it was Wednesday night.  Santa had almost forgotten to mail (order) our tickets, so luckily they came on Monday!  Jeremy got home and the kids and I were all ready to go.  We had just gotten into Nashville when we got the dreaded phone call.  Everett was sick.  He had a little bit of fever and had thrown up twice.  We debated on going home, but Nana and Grandma said they'd handle it.  Jeremy dropped the three of us off in front of the concert and he went to hang out with one of his friends from high school until it was over.  Jackson's seat was actually beside one of his friends and his mom, so we fought the crowd and found our seats.  This was the kids' first concert, so it was fun to see their reactions to everything.  Mia and I were just a few rows in front of Jackson, so I could turn around and see him and his friend.  Mia said it was louder than she expected it to be.  She wanted to know why other people were on stage instead of  Big Time Rush, so I had to explain the difference in an opening act and a headliner.  They actually had 2 opening bands.  One was a boy named Jackson Guthy and the next was a British group called One Direction.  They were both good.  I haven't seen so many little girls crying and screaming over pimply faced boys since my own very first concert experience watching The New Kids On The Block back when I was 9.  Mia was kind of quiet through the first 2 performances, but when BTR finally came out she was out of her seat the entire show dancing and screaming with everyone else.  The group in front of us was all little girls about her age, which gave her the bright idea that she would need to do this all again with her group of girlfriends.  The concert really was good.  There was confetti, streamers, fireworks, even a trampoline.  It's been a loooong time since I've been to a "rock" show.  Our latest ventures are more along the lines of Carole King/James Taylor/Bob Dylan.  Of course, this show was a LOT tamer than our old  REM/Stone Temple Pilots/Bush shows.  Jackson and Mia both loved every minute of it.  We had to look and see when they were coming back around, and it looks like they'll be here this summer.  Mia is already planning her girls road trip for this one.  We left the arena around 10 p.m. with smiles on our faces and over priced t-shirts in our hands, and Jeremy picked us up out front.  Here are all the crappy pictures I took with my phone since I forgot to bring my good camera.

     Jeremy had talked to Grandma, and Everett was asleep and hadn't been sick anymore, so we headed home.  We had been driving for just a little bit when mom texted me to see if I had looked at facebook lately.  I pulled it up and it seemed like the entire 4th grade had been hit with the stomach virus.  I was going to let the kids sleep in and check into school late on Thursday morning, but a few hours later I learned that there were over 400 kids out of Muscle Shoals city schools, and 278 of them were at McBride, which is Jackson's school.  Needless to say I was not about to send my kids in to catch the sickness, so we all stayed home Thursday.  Everett was a little clingy all day, but no fever.  That afternoon they ended up letting schools out early and cancelled it altogether on Friday so they could disinfect and fog the schools.  None of us have had it yet, so we are crossing our fingers that we dodged it.  School will be open as usual tomorrow morning, so hopefully it has passed. 
     Luckily this weekend has been beautiful, so the kids have been outside for most of it.  I got out of the house yesterday to plunder around an antique/thrift shop and found the perfect dining room table and chairs.  Of course, you have to picture it painted and with the cushions recovered, but I fell in love with the style of it.  Now I just have to talk Jeremy into it.  For some unknown reason, every time we start a new house he suddenly becomes an interior designer!  Here's the table.  Don't laugh.  Just picture it a creamy yellow with tan legs and tan chairs, all distressed, with a fabulous fabric on the seat cushions.  We shall see if I get to bring it home.

     This is where we are on the new house. 

     Yes, that is our old house in the background.  We are building right next door to it.  Hopefully our new neighbors won't mind ☺.  Plumbing should come in Monday and the slab should be poured Tuesday.  So, moving right along with all this gorgeous weather.
     We have another busy week this week, but when is it not busy with us?  We close our house sale/construction loans tomorrow morning, framing should start on Wednesday, Mia's has a party to attend, and Parker has Grandparents Day at school Friday.  These are just extras added to the usual homework, dance, wrestling, etc.  God's so good and I thank Him everyday for all these "busy" blessings!

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