Friday, March 2, 2012

Pirate Math Night

     We went to Webster last night for Pirate Math Night with Mia.  This is something they have started since Jackson was there and it was really neat.  It was an interactive math night with the kids and we followed the pirate map to each activity.  The entire school was decorated and there was even a ship by the office.  The hallways were covered with pirate projects the kids had been working very hard on as well.

We started in Mia's room.

Mia and Mrs. Collins

In the doubloon toss the kids had to toss 2 doubloons in the air over a pirate map that was covered with numbers.  Then they had to take those 2 numbers and make an addition sentence and a subtraction sentence with them.

The lunchroom served supper and it gave these 3 crazy girls a chance to play.
Mia, Bella, and Kaylee

In Sink the Ship each parent/child team had a deck of cards with pirates and ships on them.  At the bottom they had addition sentences on them. They each flipped one over at a time, and the person who had the largest sum won.

In this room the kids had to roll a big cube that had pirate symbols on it
and use their rolls to make a bar graph.

 The kids helped a parent make a glyph pirate of themselves (if you're age is an even number put the peg on the right leg, if you are right handed put the hook on the right hand, etc.)

 Mia and Jeremy's finished product

Hallway decor
"If you were a pirate, what would you do with your treasure?"

This was also Read Across America week, so they drew pirate Cat in the Hats in art. 
That's Mia's on the bottom.

"If you were a pirate would you want a parrot? Why or why not?"

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