Friday, March 23, 2012

Seeing Purple

     A long, long time ago (about 9 years) Jeremy and I attempted to paint a piece of furniture.  It was a hutch that we got a really good deal on and we were broke and we did an OK job on it.  It now lives at his Aunt Anita's house and I haven't painted furniture since, mainly because it scares me.  Until this week.  I love all the furniture I've been looking at for the new house, but there's no way I can afford most of it.  The kids and I found some end tables a few weeks ago at a furniture consignment sale and I decided to try again.  My biggest fear is always messing up, but the look I was going for was a little messy anyway and the tables were cheap.  I started with Mia's.  The biggest decision of her 7 year old life always seems to be "pink or purple".  This time around it was purple, so I bought the paint and necessary tools and got started.  It's finished except for the poly coat, but since I'm scared to death to apply the poly I don't have time for that right now, and I really wanted to post it, it will have to wait for later.  I didn't bust the table up with chains or pliers, but I did scuff it a little with sandpaper.  Let me know what cha think!  Unless you don't like it.  Then just give me the old smile and nod.  Jackson's table is next and he wants red.  Please pray for me.

Mia's after and Jackson's before

Those shadow heads belong to me and Everett. 
I always say he has a big noggin', and now here's the proof.
His head is almost as big as mine!

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  1. This turned out great! Don't be scared to repaint furniture because you can always repaint furniture again!! I would suggest trying chalk paint because it is so forgiving. Annie Sloan seems pricy but goes much further than latex. I look forward to seeing more of your redos!