Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break Getaway

    We just got back from a fun weekend in Montgomery, Alabama, which we spent with Jeremy's family.  We got up early Saturday and drove down to meet Jerry and Debbie at Southern Homes and Gardens for their spring open house.  This was outdoor heaven and I came away with so many fabulous (expensive) ideas from there. 

     After that we grabbed some lunch and Jeremy and I took the kids to meet his step sister and her new baby Oliver.  He was so adorable that I didn't even snap one picture.  We were all too busy passing him around and babbling like idiots that I forgot all about my camera.  They were getting ready for a beach trip, so we didn't stay long.  It made me think back to when we just had Jackson and we packed the entire house for a trip like that!
     We went back to Jerry and Debbie's house next so Debbie could take me and Mia to a flea market.  We went to Eastbrooke Flea Market and it was a picker's heaven.  3 floors filled with everything you can imagine.  I found a few little things, but there were tons of furniture pieces I would've loved to drag home.  I'm never in the market for anything in particular.  I just wait until something seems to say "take me home".  It's usually never anything too pricey, so I guess I'd be considered a "junker" more than an "antiquer".  This was Mia's first 3 hour all day thrift event, and she did pretty well.  She scored a pink basket covered with flowers, a gold necklace with a rose on it, and a care bear, all for around $7.  She was tired after her shopping trip, but not too tired to fish.
     When we got back to the house the kids got the poles out and headed down to the neighborhood pond which is right in the backyard.  Mia caught the first fish, as usual.  For some reason she is always the fisherman of our group.  She had caught the only 2 fish of the evening until Jackson brought up a huge bass.  He was pretty pleased with himself, but not pleased enough to stick his finger in it's mouth and hold it!  Everett helped everyone reel in their catches.

Helping Jackson

Helping Mia

 Helping is hard work.  Time for a snack!

Brim #1

 Brim #2

Jackson's bass

I wish Spanish moss wood grow on our trees like this.

     The next day we went to the zoo.  Mia wanted to see Flamingos and parrots, Everett wanted to see monkeys and trains, Parker wanted to see lions, and Jackson wanted to be the tour guide.  We saw it all, and it was the perfect day for it.  I hate it when it's hot as blazes and the animals can't even move it's so miserable outside.  It was low 80's with a breeze the entire time, and the kids all loved it.  This was Everett's first zoo trip and he walked, or ran rather, the entire time.  He is a train fanatic, so he loved that part.  It took about 2 minutes of being in the car on the way home for him to fall asleep.  We all had a great time, and it was a great little Spring break weekend away.  Check out the sign in the last picture.  I always see it on our way home, and I always try to get a picture.  This time I succeeded!

Jackson checking his maps

"Mingos!" as Everett would say

"Shoot 'em!"

Jerry and Debbie with the kids

All of us

How cute is he? It's a pygmy hippo.

 Train ride

Bird house where we could feed the birds

Looks like they were having a family meeting

Bless him, he's so ugly.  He's called a "Common Warthog". 

And our favorite souvenirs, pressed pennies.

Can you tell which one is tired of taking pictures all day?

Everett had a long day

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