Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring Things and Random

     I'm always on the lookout for new projects to make our home look cute.  Or as Jeremy would call it, "more junk to sit around the house".  I found a few new blogs and sites to help with my creativity and these are some of my variations on what I found.

Mia liked this one because of the bright colors. 
When we get into the new house I will use the balls for a project for her room.

I like this one since it's a little more natural. 
(Mia said this one is "boring".)

View from above

     It seems like I don't have time to sit down this week.  Tomorrow Jackson has picture day at school, Mia has 50's day which I have to help with (twice), we are going to see Big Time Rush in Nashville when they both get out of school, and we just found out that we will start building our new house tomorrow morning, instead of Monday like we had originally planned.  Our framer, who we usually work with, informed us today that he is not 4 days out, but 4 WEEKS out from starting our house, so we were scrambling to find someone who could do it sooner.  Luckily the man who is going to do our trim, as well as some furniture pieces just happens to be a contractor as well, so he and Jeremy are going to work on this one together.  Not only that, but he called his guys and they are digging the footing TOMORROW.  I have picked my colors and am starting to look at cabinets and lighting, so I'm hoping it will go fast.  On top of all of this we got a call from the owners of our rental and they are showing it twice this week.  I know how hard it is to sell a house, so I don't want to wish they don't sell it, but it would be nice if it didn't for the next 4 months or so!  Well, that is where we are right now.  I will have plenty to blog about after the rest of our activities for this week are done I'm sure.

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