Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Extravaganza

     We just had a fun, hectic weekend and nobody is ready for Monday.  The big kids were out of school on Friday for a teacher inservice, so we did our preschool duties with Parker, ran some errands, then found a few yard sales and got lunch at McDonald's Play Place.  No, I have no pictures, but Everett loved it just as much as Jackson and Mia.  It was shamrock shakes and craziness for the kids, and half an hour of unexpected catching up with a friend for me.  Don't even think Parker was missing out.  He was so excited to get to school because it was Grandparent's Day!  Nana, Pop, and Grandma all came to eat lunch with him.  Nana and Grandma had been to various activities there before, but this was Pop's very first time and Parker couldn't wait to show him around. 

Pop and Parker singing a few songs together at Grandparent's Day

     They had lunch and sang a few songs, then Pop and Parker went on a Skylander hunt.  This is the Wii game that is his new obsession.  3 hours later they showed up with the only Skylander in town that we didn't have.  That night Mia went to Kenzie's birthday spend the night party, Jackson and Pop went to the movies to see John Carter, and Jeremy kept the little boys so I could go to the flea market and to dinner with a friend.  I never, EVER go out with friends, mainly because of all the kid stuff going on, so it was nice to get in some girl time.  The flea market was full of junk, and not the good kind, but dinner was great.  I forget what it's like to have an adult conversation without the kids around!
     Saturday Jeremy got up early to work for a few hours and brought Mia and donuts home with him.  He had mentioned a guitar he'd like to have Friday night, but I didn't think much about it.  That is until I was in the middle of the grocery store and he called to say we needed to leave ASAP for Nashville because he was going to pick it up.  Nana and Grandma watched the kids and we got to Nashville in record time.  Gruhn's Guitars is right downtown and they close at 2:30 on Saturday afternoons, so we barely made it in time.  I was very compliant to our spur of the moment trip because I had an ulteriror motive.  I wanted to go to Clairrene's Treasures and look at furniture.  As soon as we left Gruhn's it poured down on us for the rest of the day, but we made it to the antique store and found the perfect hutch the second we walked through the door.  We got the hutch and Clairrene is building a table to match, and I found a few other odds and ends. 

Not the prettiest in his collection, but a smaller version of the Martin's he loves. 
It's more of a "sit on the couch and play/songwriting" guitar,or so I'm told.

 My new hutch for the dining room.  Grey/green and beautiful.  Pardon Jeremy's arm in this pic.

     Today everyone slept late but me, so I went to finish my grocery shopping that had been so pleasantly interrupted on Saturday.  Any down time we had during this busy weekend was spent outside playing in our amazing weather (high 80's everyday), so everyone was exhausted.  I got home with groceries and everyone was still asleep.  Right after lunch Pop called to see if Mia wanted to go to the new exhibit at the art center in Tuscumbia.  Jackson tagged along too and they picked Kenzie up on the way, so they had a fun afternoon.  I guess it's plain to see why Pop is every grandkids favorite!  The little boys, Jeremy,and I went to a furniture consignment sale in Florence and grabbed a late lunch at local Mexican place.  The rest of the day we spent playing outside and working on a few projects for the new house. 

Strawberry freezer jam

Saw this on another blog, but can't find which one now.  Should have pinned it I guess.
Old wine bottle, $2 worth of hemp rope from Walmart, and elmer's glue!

 Found this at Clairrene's for $9.  It was white and a little rusty.  Painted Robin's egg blue for Mia's room in the new house.  Maybe hang earring from it and roll up scarves inside?  Or put in her bathroom and roll up washcloths?  Not sure yet where it's home will be, just liked it!

Pop and the boys on this beautiful weekend

     I think every single person in our house has made a comment about wishing the weekend wasn't over.  The sickness that shut schools down a week ago is still going around, but we've escaped it thus far.  If we can get this week behind us we will be out for Spring Break!  Jackson and Mia both have a birthday party to go to on Friday night, then we have plans to go to a Spring flower and home show in Montgomery this Saturday and the zoo there on Sunday.  After that we are Spring Break bums.  Hopefully lots of sleeping late, watching our favorite shows, and just having fun around town.  Hope your weekend was as fabulous as ours has been!

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