Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fun Friday!

     This past Friday I got to tag along with Mia's class to the park and the Children's Museum.  Not only were Webster's 1st graders there, but Highland Park's were too.  Mia was so glad to get to hang out with some of her pals she misses from kindergarten last year.  I didn't stay for the entire field trip, but I love being able to go when I can.

Nevaeh and Mia

Cami, Mia, Bella, and Kaylee

Kaylee, Mia, and Cami

     Friday evening we celebrated my dad's birthday out at "The Property".  I guess we need to think of a better name, but this is just what the kids have always called it.  We were going to camp overnight, but the rain was supposed to come in later, so we just made a late night of it.  Our favorite neighbor Ms Margo came out when she got off of work that day, and we grilled burgers, fished, and just hung out.  And she was so kind to take a picture of us all together.  It's a hard job to get 14 people all looking at the same time!  This is every grandkid's favorite place to go.  Pop usually takes turns asking 1 or 2 of them to ride along with him when he goes out there, and they love it.  I hope we have many years of this to enjoy together.

 Fish #1, caught by Kenzie

Fish #2, caught by Parker

Fish #3, caught by Mia

Supper time

Fish #4, caught by Jackson

Fish #5, caught by Ezra

Nana always remembers the glow sticks!

Happy Birthday to Pop!

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