Thursday, April 5, 2012

House Update

    Here's what we're in the middle of this week:

Our plumber should be there tomorrow and the heating and air guys started today and should be finished on Saturday.  Hopefully our missing windows and our front door will come in by next week.  Insulation is next and then sheet rock!  That's when it really starts to look like something.  That's also when it usually starts to slow down.  We've met with 2 cabinet guys this week and we're meeting another this afternoon.  I've had my colors picked for a while, so now all I'm deciding on is lighting.  Why is lighting so hard?  With my parents house just 2 doors down, we've been doing a lot of this:

Oreo face

It's nice to have a backyard close for the kids to play in while we settle things at the "construction site".

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