Friday, April 6, 2012

Party Hippity Hoppin'

     Parker and Mia both had school parties this week for Easter.  Tree House is out for Good Friday, so Parker's was Wednesday.  They had a snack, sang some songs, and hunted eggs twice.  Parker brought home a ton of eggs and within an hour he and Everett had eaten all the candy out of them.  Luckily only about 6 of his were filled with candy.  Parker had shown Everett how to shake them to see if they had prizes, so he spent the rest of the day shaking them, even though the candy was long gone.

John Will and Parker

All the Bluebirds

Trent, Davis, and Parker

Checking their stash

     Today was Mia's party, so the little boys and I went to Webster this afternoon to celebrate with the 1st graders.  They had lots of snacks and hunted eggs too.  Everett knew just what to do this time, so he had gotten into a few of them before we knew it! 

Kaylee, Mia, and Bella

     And our bittersweet moment of the day was registering for kindergarten.  THEN I had to come home and start a "Parker Kindergarten" folder in my picture files.  I don't want to talk about it.

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