Wednesday, April 18, 2012


     Today was one of those days.  You know the ones I'm talking about.  There's a project that's calling your name, but the supplies aren't 50% at Hobby Lobby this week.  I went ahead and bought the stuff.  I did have my 40% off coupon on me, so I convinced myself that was good enough.  Plus I had to be in Florence this morning anyway, so why not stop by while I was out?  I've seen these cardboard letters on several websites this past month, but the one that caught my eye was the "WASH" for the laundry room.  Why I chose to decorate the room of my sworn nemesis "The Laundry" I do not know.  Maybe because I spend so much time there so it needs to look cute.  So, I brought home my goods and got started.

After the brown

After the gold

After the green

The finished product

     I started by sponging on the brown, then the gold, then the green.  I think it turned out great and I can't wait until our house is finished so I can put them up on the shelf!  My pictures aren't the best, but that doesn't surprise anyone anymore.  It was tricky trying to photograph metallic paint because the flash reflects off of it and makes it look shinier that it really is.  It actually looks more like stone or granite to me, with just a little bit of shine.  This was the easiest and fastest project I've done in a long time.  I guess now I have time to fold that pile of laundry that's been glaring at me all morning.


  1. Cute! I just did "EAT" above my kitchen table, but I just painted them blue. teehee! :) I love yours!

  2. Wow these really came out super cute. I am loving this fabulous post. Would you mind sharing this inspirational post at our WIW linky party. Hope to see you there!


  3. Thanks ladies! I just linked up with you Paula, thanks for the invite. Misti, just saw your "EAT". It's really cute!

  4. I am SO obsessed with laundry rooms! (and also hate laundry!) I'm also so obsessed with laundry rooms that i have a whole pin board just for that! lol

    These letters are great!