Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Colorful House Update

     It's nice to go on vacation and come back to a painted house!  My camera doesn't do justice to the actual colors, but I love them in real life!  I didn't get a pic in every room because some are still too dark to photograph without light, but they are coming soon.

Everett's room

Mia's room

Boys' Bath

Living room

Dining room.  I know the green and yellow looks a little Eastery here,
 but my drapes and table will pull it all together.  You'll see.

Front doors

Jackson and Parker's room.  Once Everett gets out of the baby bed we will 
swap him with Jackson, so it will be Parker and Everett's room in a few months.


1/2 bath

From our room looking into the master bath

Where my tub will be. 
 Oh tub, how I miss you.

Kids' playroom

From kids' playroom in to hallway.  I'm thinking I'll put a little reading nook 
under that funny roof angle.  Suggestions welcome.

Upstairs bath

 Jeremy's playroom.  
Yes, you read that right.  I think I failed to mention that Jeremy "found" an extra 
500 square feet of space that he decided to frame up for himself.


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