Friday, May 11, 2012

Field Day #1

     Today was every kid's favorite day of school.  The day you spend all day outside playing.  The day you can pretty much run wild and no one cares.  The day your mom can bring you McDonald's for lunch and not get in trouble for it.  Today was Field Day at McBride.  Jackson was pumped about it this morning, and didn't even complain about getting up early.  We packed a cooler full of snacks, made our rounds to drop off Mia and Parker, and then Everett and I joined him on the football field at the high school.  Everett quickly renamed this day "Football Field Day" and he loved every minute of it.  Jackson gave him a bouncy ball and he spent most of the day trying to throw it over the goal post.

Mr. Jarmon's 4th Grade Class

Jackson and Dawson

Getting their 1st place ribbons

Ready for Hula Hoop Relay

Signing shirts - a field day tradition

Jackson, Briar, and Todd taking a snack break

     Everyone participated in 4 class events and 2 individual events.  Jackson had signed up for Gotcha and the Long Jump.  Gotcha is a basketball free throw type game, where the last one shooting wins.  His favorite is the long jump because he won it last year.  He came in 2nd this time around and seemed pleased with that.  The class came in 1st in the Sack Race and the Dizzy Izzy, and 2nd in the Hula Hoop Relay.  Everett and I left right before lunch to cool off a little bit and pick Parker up from school.  When we came back we found out that Mr. Jarmon's class had already had a turn at the cut throat Tug-of-War, and lost.  Jackson was ready to go so we checked him out and went to Nana's house.  Tonight is the Spring football game for the high school and he decided he wanted to go with Pop and Nana.  Since it's 3 hours away they left early this afternoon.  All in all, a very good day.  I love that I get to spend these days with my kids!

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