Thursday, May 24, 2012

Honor Days

     WE ARE DONE!!!  I can't emphasize enough how ready we are for summer.  Yesterday Jackson had honor day at McBride and today Mia had her's at Webster.  They both had great years and we couldn't be prouder of them.  The only drawback to school being over is that we can't bring our wonderful teachers with us next year.  Jackson and Mia have learned so much in class this year, and I know God has big plans for them. Summer, here we come!

Todd and Jackson ready for their last day of 4th grade

Jackson and Mr. Jarmon
Jackson has not enjoyed a teacher this much since kindergarten!

Jackson and Jess

 Jackson, brothers, and the grands

Mia's teacher Mrs. Collins

In line to be "honored"

Mr. Starkey and Mia

Mia and the grands

Mia and her best pals Bella and Kaylee.
She has her fingers crossed she will be in class with them in 2nd grade!

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