Wednesday, May 9, 2012

House Update

     We are getting closer and closer to being in our house, and no one is more ready than me!  I have been collecting things for this house since January, and our garage and rental house are slowly starting to fill to overflowing.  To show you I'm not exaggerating, here is our foyer in the rental.

It's the current home to our new dining room table and almost all of our lights for the new house.  I've also resorted to storing things at my parents house.  We are hoping to be in our house around the 1st of July, so we're not too far away.  Most of the trim is up, the garage doors are on, and there's lots of painting going on right now.  The kids really get excited when their rooms are painted.  The cabinets are built and I finalized the stain color yesterday.  We also have our flooring picked out, so if everything goes as planned we should stay on schedule.  And, we are off to the beach on Monday.  Not a moment too soon.  Between building our home and all of the end of school activities we are ready for a vacation!

Dining Room entrance

Den ceiling

Master bedroom ceiling

Dining Room

Interior Doors

Detached Garage

We found this above our bedroom door
Thanks Freddy!

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