Friday, May 4, 2012

Jackson's World

     4th grade is quickly coming to a close for our oldest.  Exciting for him, sad for me.  This week he's been busy with Jeremy's favorite kind of project.  He had to build a car out of recycled things from around the house (no toy wheels, legos, etc.) that would roll 2 meters.  Jackson and Jeremy finally finished their this project last night, and it's a pretty good design.  They used a 2 liter bottle, party hats to make it aerodynamic (my idea, you're welcome), skewers for axles, and lids from sprinkle canisters for wheels.  Looks like Jeremy may have an engineer in the family after all.

Jeremy explaining the mechanics of it all, and Jackson just trying to get done with it!

He had to turn the monkey hats inside out.  
Apparently these are not cool enough to be seen by 10 year olds.

Yes, I snapped this as we were all getting in the car this morning.
And yes, I know he needs a haircut.  
Busy week, don't judge me.

     Jackson got in the car yesterday and informed us that he had won his class spelling bee.  That means he will compete with all the 4th grade winners on Monday.  The winner of Monday's round will compete with the 3rd and 5th grade winners for the school title.  His winning word was "prescription".  Our fingers are crossed!

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