Monday, May 21, 2012

The On-Again-Off-Again Picnic

    This morning everyone woke up very excited.  Mia was having field day and Jackson was having his
end-of-the-year picnic.  We spent yesterday afternoon getting class shirts clean and getting snack coolers packed.  We headed out the door ahead of schedule only to find a rainy drizzle.  As Mia was stepping out of the car at school I got a text from her teacher saying they had postponed field day until tomorrow.  She was bummed, but it couldn't be helped.  I talked to the principal as I was letting Jackson out at his school and he said they wouldn't go to the park, but they would figure something out.  I got a text from Jackson's teacher a few minutes later saying they would "picnic" at school.  As I rearranged my morning to run errands instead of party all day with the kids, I got another text.  Jackson's school would be going to the park after all since the weather looked like it would clear up.  Soooo, I came back from Florence and met them at the park.  The weather was actually perfect today.  A little overcast and low 80's.  The splash pad was going, but the kids aren't allowed to wear swimsuits, so they were in sopping wet clothes.  They played all over the park, and then had pizza and cokes for lunch.  I'm quickly learning that 10 year old boys do not like to pose for pictures as much as 7 year old girls, but I managed to get a few shots.  I'm glad they got to have their picnic, even if it was a little hectic this morning.  Jackson has 2 more days of school and Mia has 3, then we are out for summer!

Max and Jackson

Jess, Hunter, and Jackson

Leaving after a long, fun day at the park.

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