Saturday, May 19, 2012

Parker - Preschool Graduate

     Our sweet Parker Luke graduated from his very first school last night.  Last September I tearfully dropped off an eager 4 year old for his very first day of preschool.  The next 9 months were filled with learning, friendships, and excitement as he attended school 3 half days a week.  He knows all his letters, numbers, continents, states, days of the week (English and Spanish), and tons of other stuff I can't begin to list.  He has totally taken to the school environment and is ready for kindergarten to start in a couple of months.  I have mixed feelings about it all, but I'm so glad he loves it!  He is already talking about having all his friends over for his 5th birthday in June.  Grandma, Grandpa Frank, Nana, Pop, and all of us went to Tree House to watch him graduate.  When he was walking over to get his diploma, Ms Rea introduced him as Parker Robison, the kid who knows everything and more about video games.  I can't say enough about Ms Rea and all of the other teachers at Tree House.  They are the most welcoming and loving teachers we have ever had and I will miss them next year!  Parker got lots of little prizes from all of us, and he also got to pick supper.  Spaghetti and petite fors for dessert.  Congratulations Parker!

 Leave it to my child to teach the others how to use their diplomas for telescopes.

Ms Rea and Parker

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  1. He is so cute! Our boys should NOT be this big yet!