Saturday, May 12, 2012

Prom Night

     Mia and I went to mom's house this afternoon to see Carley get all gussied-up for prom.  She looked gorgeous and Mia is already excited about her prom.  This was not Carley's first prom, however.  Look what I found when we got home.

I think she was about 3 here, and Jeremy and I were juniors in high school.  She came to watch us in lead out.  This was back in the old days, when we had prom in the high school gym.  How cute were we?  Ahh, memories.

     Sooner than I wish it really will be Mia's turn to go to prom.  I believe God has blessed us with only one daughter for a reason.  This one "girly-girl" is about all we can handle!

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