Saturday, May 19, 2012


     Jeremy has 2 trips a year for his job to the gulf, and we try to tag along as much as possible.  When the kids were little and school wasn't an issue, we went every time.  Not that we mind taking the kids out of school for family time, but the trips are in August and May.  Usually the August trip is the first week of school, and May is about 2 weeks before summer vacation.  This time we all needed a little time away, so we skipped school and took off for Orange Beach, AL.  The weather was perfect.  Sunny, no rain, and temps in the 80's everyday.  Of course Jeremy was there for work, so he had to miss out on the fun some of the time, but working at the beach is still good!  Everett stayed with his Nana and Pop for a few days.  It was hard to be away from him, but he hated the beach last time, so we knew it would be hard to take him.  When I say he hated the beach, I mean from the sand to the water to the elevator and everything else you can imagine, he HATED it.  Grandma came and stayed the last couple of days with us, so it was nice to have an extra hand when Jeremy had long meetings.  It was a wonderful getaway for all of us.  We have 3 more days of school, then our official summer begins!

     Our first stop was The Track.  Partly because it's the kids favorite thing to do, and partly because it's my least favorite thing to do.  The kids all rode go karts, all the kid rides, and played in the arcade.  This was Parker's first time to get to ride "The Woody", the huge wooden roller coaster.  None of the kids are tall enough or old enough to drive it alone, so Jeremy got to go 3 times.

Parker hit the jackpot!  He got 100 tickets on his first try!

     After all the fun and some lunch at Live Bait, we checked into our condo.  We always stay at the Phoenix East or Phoenix East 2 because it's right next door to the Perdido Beach Resort, which is where Jeremy's meetings are.  This way he can walk to work and we can have the car.  We also stay on a lower floor (2 this time) because I'm paranoid that one of my kids will go flying over the balcony.  I know I'm crazy, just humor me.

Grandma, Parker, and Mia went on a dolphin cruise
 and saw "a million dolphins", according to Parker.

Parker also saw lots of "pirate ships" like this one :)

Snack time on the beach

Mia made her own spa

Another favorite, the "shark" store

Everett's souvenirs

Jackson's new hat (just like Pop's)

Parker's new cap.  How cool is he?

Girl pic.  On our way to Lulu's to play have dinner.

Most of the men in my life

Grandma with the kids

Me & Jeremy

     Grandma took the kids to Lambert's so Jeremy and I could have a date night.  My favorite place to eat at the beach is Cobalt.  We took a table outside by the water and this was our view.

      Next we took a stroll down the pier.  It was packed with fishermen, so we got to see a few reeling in their catches.

These guys were walking around looking for scraps

On our way home.  I think Parker's face says it all.  
Wish we could've stayed longer, but we'll be back!

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