Thursday, June 28, 2012

Final House Update

     We are in!  Just 6 months ago Jeremy was hammering the for sale sign into the yard, and now here we are, living right next door in our new home!  We have spent the past week getting out of the rental house and into the new house.  I'm finally taking a break to blog a little bit about everything.  First I had to clean a few spaces off to get some decent pictures.  Then my camera battery died, and I have no idea where the new batteries are.  Then I had to dig around and look for the cords to hook the camera to the computer.  You get the idea.  Everything will eventually have a place, it just drives me a little crazy until it does.  The kids are all loving being back in our neighborhood.  It's nice to be able to let them out and about and not worry about busy intersections or people we don't know.
     The biggest change for Everett (and me) are his sleeping arrangements.  For 10+ years I have been laying someone down for the night in our baby bed.  Well, no more.  Parker and Everett will eventually be sharing the bunk bed room, so for now Everett is in the toddler bed in our room.  I will admit, I cried when Jeremy came up with the idea.  We bought the crib for Jackson before he was born and have had it up ever since.  I guess we don't officially have a baby anymore.  Kind of sad, kind of liberating.  It's going better than I thought it would.  He slept in his bed 3 out of 5 nights.  The other 2 he slept the first half of the night in his bed, and the second half in mine.  Now if we can just get ride of the diapers we'll be good to go!

Night #1

Morning after, still snoozin'

     It's nice to see our to do list grow smaller as we tackle projects that need to be done around the house, though it's far from finished.  I managed to take a couple of grainy pictures before my battery died.  Please excuse any clutter you see in the background!  Once I find my batteries I'll try to get around the house and take a few more.  For now it's just nice to sit and blog again.

Thanks goodness for backyard farming neighbors.  
Our poor sod is suffering with these 100 degree days.  We came home to find that the sprinklers they use to water their fields were reaching all the way to our back porch!


Jeremy did my backsplash.  He's so handy sometimes!

Breakfast nook.  
I framed a few handwritten recipes of my mother's, grandmother's and great-grandmother's.  

Dining room

Our first breakfast in the new house!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Parker Turns 5

     June 14th finally came this past week, and Parker turned 5.  He's been asking for weeks when it would be June.  Then June got here and he asked everyday, multiple times a day, when would it be the 14th.  I was so excited to wake him up last Thursday and tell him that that was the day he'd been waiting for.  In our house we usually have our "actual" birthday celebration and then our party day.  For his actual birthday he got to go to lunch and birthday shopping with Nana.  Every grand kid gets to shop with Nana for their birthday, and they all love it!  He got lots of super hero stuff and a pirate ship.  The cousins came to Nana's house for Parker's favorite supper and dessert.  Cheese pizza and donuts.

Yes, thanks Pop for the Hulk hands.

     Today was his party day.  He invited his cousins and some friends from preschool.  A lot of his friends called to say they were going to be on vacation this weekend, but I guess that's how it goes when you have a summer birthday.  We had an Avengers party at Nana's and the kids swam and played for a few hours this morning.  Jeremy and dad filled water balloons and they had a blast with those.  I think Parker got a million water guns as gifts, which are his favorite thing in the world.  He also got lots of superheroes, army men, and "boy stuff" in general.  He had so much fun playing with all the kids, and he spent rest of the day outside trying out every single toy that he got.  It's so hard to believe that my big mama's boy is 5 years old now.  Happy Birthday Parker Luke!

Parker's wrestling buddy from school, Jon Will

Davis and Parker

Parker hates birthday cake so we always have a donut "cake". 
 I know, he can't possibly be my child.

Opening weapons presents

Look at Everett in the corner, stealing all the gifts!

Water Balloon war

Pop to the rescue taking all the toys out of the packages

Friday, June 15, 2012

Mini Majorette Camp

     So today was the day that we got to see what Mia's been up to all week at majorette clinic.  She's gone to the high school every morning for 2 hours to learn from the varsity squad what  it means to be a majorette.  She picked it up really quickly, and is really good at it.  I was actually surprised at how good she was today at the performance.  The high school girls were great with them.  They taught them a dance, wrapped their batons, and gave them shirts for participating.  Mia said she likes twirling even better than cheerleading, which is major at our house.  Of course she also likes that they get to wear "sparkly bathing suits and boots" for their uniform!

Mia and Ashlyn

Maudie and Mia

Green Thumb

     No, not me.  There seems to be a fine line between under watering and over watering that I have not found yet.  My dad on the other hand is a natural born gardener.  I snapped these yesterday around my parents' yard.  I hope one day I can be as good with plants as dad is.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So, It's Summer

     Usually I would have written a thousand posts about our flurry of summer activity we've had thus far, but I have not had a minute to sit down until just now.  That's right, since May 24th I haven't had 5 minutes to sit and breathe.  Ok, a little exaggeration, but not much.  The first week out of school we swam it up.  Then Mia got swimmer's ear.  Not just "put in some  OTC drops and she'll feel better" swimmer's ear.  We were up every 2 hours for 4 nights in a row with Mia crying the pain was so bad.  We went to the doctor.  Twice.  They finally had to put a cotton wick in her ear to get the medicine to the right spot.  Now that that's over she's been going non stop.
     Our house has also slowed down our summer fun.  We should be moving into it in a couple more weeks, so now we're dealing with all the little things that seem to drag out and never get done.  I haven't seen my husband in 2 weeks, except when he comes home from work to change clothes, then he's off to the house to work some more.  I thought building last time around was bad since I was pregnant with Everett and supposed to be on bed rest, but this time has been much more stressful for some reason.
     The kids had VBS last week at church, and I didn't sign up to help since Everett hates class and would have had to go to the nursery if I was there.  Little did I know that a million things would need to get done that week while Jeremy was at work, so it was really a blessing that Everett and I had some free time.  Every morning we'd drop the kids off at 9 and then Jeremy would start calling us with our "to do" list.  Let's just say that those long, 3 hour car trips, running all over creation were not Everett's idea of a good time.  They were however moderated with mini oreos, which always helps.  Yes I know 10 a.m. is too early for oreos.  I was desperate.  Don't judge me.  The kids had a great week at Bible school and learned a ton about some of the "Fantastic Faithful" men of God through the scriptures.  They got to invite lots of friends and we even got to take some of them swimming at Nana's house afterward.

My crew before the Sunday night closing program

Maudie and Mia

     This week Mia is going to Mini Majorette Clinic at the high school and she is loving it.  We had to dig my old baton out of storage (and when I say storage I mean one of the thousands of boxes that are currently stacked to the ceiling in the garage of our rental).  The high school team is teaching the girls lots of tricks and a dance, all of which we get to see on Friday.
     Jackson left this morning for church camp.  They will be gone until around lunchtime Thursday.  He always gets a little nervous leaving home, but 2 of his best friends went with him, so I'm sure they'll have a blast.  It's lots of hiking, swimming, getting completely filthy, so he loves it.  I did remind him to try to take at least one shower while he's there, but he made no promises.

Jackson, Max, and Dawson ready to go

Going over rules for the bus and getting ready to pray before departure

The lucky 5th grade boys got to help load the bus!

     Parker and Everett are pretty much just chillin' with mom for now.  Day camp will start for Parker at the end of June, so he's excited about that.  That's also for Mia's age group, but she's debating on taking a sewing class that's the same day as one of the camp days, so we will see what she ends up doing.  Parker also turns 5 on Thursday.  It seems unreal that he is ready to start school in a couple of months.  He's having a swimming party at Nana's on Saturday and he can't wait to see his preschool friends that he's invited.
     So, it's a busy summer so far.  Hopefully a few weeks from now I will be posting pictures of us in our new home.  Fingers crossed!